Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random. Funny. Stuff.

I'm fully aware my blog posts can get long-winded at times most of the time, so this section will be a way to keep things short and sweet (and funny).

Exhibit A

I love this clip from the (what seems to be now-defunct) Cigarettes and Coffee blog. Watch the tourists to the left of the screen. (My good friend Chris Virnig and I had a scarily similar scenario in NYC a few years back...)

Exhibit 2

StealthMountain on Twitter- this guy (I assume it's a guy?) has an entire Twitter account devoted to finding and correcting people who use the phrase 'sneak peak' instead of the correct 'sneak peek.' Seriously. Click on the link and read his tweets. Made me chuckle.

Exhibit 3


Exhibit 4

Chris snapped this pic on our local beach a few days ago. Socks on the beach.

Hope you enjoyed those. I'll be back with more from time to time.

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