Saturday, February 16, 2013

New York City, New Years Eve: It's Phishy! (or, An Ode to Dad)

Well hello! So glad you're still around and interested in finding out about what happened for New Year's almost 2 months ago! Since we've waited this long, let's just dive right in, shall we?

And I think I'll try to make this less wordy and more picture-y (but ya'll, that will be hard for me... I'm a bit long-winded when it comes to writing.)

Before we go, though, I'll give some insight into the title of this post. Besides being about NYE, it's also a 'thanks' to my 'papa' (ala Downton Abbey) for all he did to make it happen. AND for being my biggest blog fan. He's been asking me to write this post since I posted my last entry. So Dad, thanks for the motivation.

Here we go:

Favorite city and two of my favorite spots in it, the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station (which is celebrating it's Centennial this year, how cool!

Our first Wook sighting of the run

The Tempest Bar- the spot to meet before a MSG Phish show.

Night one seats

A fairly empty Grand Central around 1:30 a.m.

Breakfast in bed the next morning

Trying on some vintage engagement rings in the City. This one's from 1905.

This stunner is from the 1890's! LOVE! SWOON!!


A dreary day on Park Avenue

It's always warm and cozy inside the Algonquin

Night 2 SOP meet-up 

'Lotta beards here

Night 2 seats

Take the last train to Stamford

Breakfast (lunch) in bed the next day:

Just a little nippy

Bundled up for the cold. "It's gonna be co-old!!"

Magnificent walk down Madison Ave from Grand Central to MSG. Fantastic old buildings!

And this beaut.

And these weirdos

Night 3 seats

I spy an Electrolux

Sigh. Ain't it grand?

Fancied up for New Year's Eve
top: Calypso/skirt:Lilly Pulitzer/shoes:Lilly Pulitzer

Bubbly for the car ride into the city (AWESOME Christmas present from my Dad- a car service into and out of the city on New Years! SUCH a treat, thanks Dad!!)

The ceiling of Park Avenue-Winter all dressed up for NYE.

Seriously, eat here. The menu and decor change with the seasons. Winter was dynomite. Phil had yellowtail sushi that I'm pretty sure was life-changing, and veal; I had the world's best kale salad and king crab legs, and we split some pineapple gelato/cake thing for dessert. Un-freaking-believable. (Thanks for dinner, Dad!)

VIP passes to the ABC New Year's Rockin' Eve party in Times Square. (Thanks AGAIN, Dad!!)

Phil's thinking: "I wish I was at the Phish show right now..."

Private entrance right out onto the street for the ball drop

Lots of reallllllly cold people!

Look at us all warm and cozy inside, and them all cold and having to pee outside.

Some people. And a lot of booze. Psy!

Everyone emptied out for the ball drop- we were bringing up the rear

Happy New Year! The confetti begins...

Don't see me!

Makin' it rain (confetti)!


Not all ours

You know it's a good night when you have confetti in your drink

Not related to New Year's at all, just a sweet face to see when you finally return home from a stellar New Year's trip to the Big Apple. 

The end!

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  1. Love all the pictures! Looks like you had a amazing trip! Love the rings too! ;) xoxo